The list of the USA license plates beginning at 8J8

There are 50 states in the USA. And in each state in the US, there is a full process for returning plate numbers after you sell a vehicle. Some states (such as Maryland, etc.) allow you to transfer the license plates from one car to another. But other states don’t allow transferring the plates and oblige to return them after selling. Below you can see the series of 7-digit license plates and all the possible combinations for 8J8

Below you can see the formats of the US license plates

Please choose the first five symbols of your license plate

8J8AA* 8J8AB* 8J8AC* 8J8AD* 8J8AE* 8J8AF* 8J8AG* 8J8AH* 8J8AI* 8J8AJ* 8J8AK* 8J8AL* 8J8AM* 8J8AN* 8J8AO* 8J8AP* 8J8AQ* 8J8AR* 8J8AS* 8J8AT* 8J8AU* 8J8AV* 8J8AW* 8J8AX* 8J8AY* 8J8AZ* 8J8A0* 8J8A1* 8J8A2* 8J8A3* 8J8A4* 8J8A5* 8J8A6* 8J8A7* 8J8A8* 8J8A9* 8J8BA* 8J8BB* 8J8BC* 8J8BD* 8J8BE* 8J8BF* 8J8BG* 8J8BH* 8J8BI* 8J8BJ* 8J8BK* 8J8BL* 8J8BM* 8J8BN* 8J8BO* 8J8BP* 8J8BQ* 8J8BR* 8J8BS* 8J8BT* 8J8BU* 8J8BV* 8J8BW* 8J8BX*

Here is the list of the US states where these combinations are applied

  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • District of Columbia
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming

Although we place the US license plates on our site, we don’t store, hold and share any personal data about vehicle owners and the vehicle images.

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